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Hitman Pro ဆိုတဲ့ Software ဟာ မိမိကြန္ပ်ဴတာ အတြင္းကို ဝင္ေရာက္လာတဲ့ မသကၤာဖြယ္ရာ Application ေတြ၊ Malware ေတြကို ရွာေဖြစစ္ေဆးဖယ္ရွားေပးပါတယ္.. အသံုးျပဳရလြယ္ကူၿပီး ဒီ ေဆာ့ဖ္ဝဲကို ထည့္ထားရင္ အျခားဘာ Third Party Software မွ မလိုဘူးလို႔ေတာင္ ေၾကာ္ျငာထားတာပါ.. Windows အားလံုးအတြက္ အသံုးျပဳႏိုင္ပါတယ္..
Some Features :
Exploring the behavior
SurfRight has done extensive research of malware files to determine the common characteristics (behavior) of malware. The Hitman Pro client uses this research in their behavior, when looking at the computer for viruses or suspicious activities that have the characteristics of malware.
Scanner in the Cloud
For files that are classified as suspicious, the Hitman Pro client sends a request to the Scan Cloud for confirmation if these files are indeed harmful. Since the cloud is answered if it is safe, malicious or unknown.
When the file is unknown, Hitman Pro uploads the file to the cloud where it is scanned with software anti-virus, from different suppliers. Each of these antivirus programs analyzes the file and responds with "safe" or "mean".
Malware Removal
When the file is classified as malicious by the Scan Cloud, the Hitman Pro client quarantines infection. Various techniques to ensure that all infections are completely removed without false positives.

Setup Download : 10.5 MB

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